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Boost Your eCommerce Sales: How to Write Better Descriptions for Your Products

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A compelling product description can be a game-changer for your online sales. It serves as a sales pitch, telling your product's story, its unique features, and convincing customers to make a purchase. However, many businesses grapple with creating effective product descriptions, significantly affecting their sales.

According to Episerver, almost 98% of consumers have been discouraged from completing a purchase due to incomplete or unimpressive product descriptions.

Inadequate product descriptions aren't just a sales concern; they're a missed SEO opportunity. Crafted with care, product descriptions featuring relevant keywords can boost your online visibility and draw more customers to your store.

In this guide, we delve into the art of writing superior product descriptions. We'll share practical strategies, templates, and examples that will help you sharpen your eCommerce strategy and help your audience convert.



The Importance of Having Good Product Descriptions

Understandably, the importance of having compelling product descriptions cannot be overstated. These descriptions work like a silent salesman, carrying potential to significantly boost conversion rates. A well-crafted product description serves as an inventory of essential information that can persuade your prospective customers to move from mere contemplation to purchase.

But the benefits don't stop at improved sales alone. They stretch to enhancing your brand image as well.

When visitors come across high-quality product descriptions on your site, it reflects the professionalism of your brand, subtly enhancing your credibility and fostering a sense of trust among your customers.

Furthermore, investing time and creativity into writing clear and accurate product descriptions also pays off by reducing return rates. By helping customers fully comprehend what they're purchasing, you align their expectations right from the start, thereby mitigating the likelihood of returns due to disappointments or unmet expectations.

Moving further, good product descriptions should extend beyond merely detailing what a product is. They should touch upon how it can solve a problem for the customer or how it can add value to their life. This approach fosters a deeper connection between the customer and the product, driving a stronger desire to own it.

By crafting unique and creative descriptions, you have the opportunity to set your products apart from competitors, particularly in saturated markets.

Using proven product description templates and drawing inspiration from stellar product description examples can be a great starting point to write descriptions that resonate with your audience and ultimately, boost your eCommerce sales.

Understanding the Basics of Product Descriptions

an infographic with the title "Key Elements of a Product description.: It has illustrated elements on the side such as a shopping bag, arrow, coins, and stars. The list the includes product title, features, benefits, images, SKU, price, Call-to-actions, reviews, and availability

As we delve into the basics of product descriptions, we first need to comprehend that at their core, product descriptions aim to tell a story.

The key elements of the story outline the features of the product, offering a factual and objective listing of characteristics like size, material, and design.

However, these features alone won’t sell your product; benefits do as well. With this in mind, your product descriptions should not only list what the product is but vividly describe how it can solve a problem or enhance the reader's life. This narrative establishes an emotional connection with the potential customer and persuades them to purchase.

Outside of your text description, visual aids play an important role as well. High-quality images from various angles and, if possible, videos can offer customers a tangible understanding of the product. And additional details like SKU or product number, clear pricing, a persuasive call-to-action (CTA), and availability status are vital in writing a well-rounded product description.

We’ve also noticed through our work that an astounding 88% of online shoppers take reviews into account when making their purchase decisions. Knowing that others have made a purchase and have been satisfied reduces potential buyers' fear of regret, making them more likely to complete their purchase.

Spending extra time perfecting your product descriptions is essential for small business success. Doing so not only boosts your sales but also elevates your customers' shopping experience on your eCommerce platform.

How to Write Better Descriptions for Your Products

Writing compelling product descriptions might seem daunting, but by following a systematic approach and understanding what makes a description engaging, it becomes a more manageable task. Below, we have outlined a step-by-step process to help you write product descriptions that not only accurately represent your products but also drive conversions and sales.

Step 1: Know Your Audience

The first step in writing a captivating product description is understanding your audience thoroughly. Your product descriptions should be tailored to resonate with your target customers, their needs, and their language. Spend time researching your customer demographics, their interests, and their buying behavior. Once you have this information, you can use it to craft descriptions that speak directly to them.

infographic titles "Conusmers ranked the factors that included them most when buying:" and has three categories, clothing, electronics and online groceries. All three have price as the first factor with detailed descriptions and reviews coming in second or third.

Step 2: Highlight Features and Benefits

Next, list down the key features of your product. Be factual and objective, but don't stop there. Convert these features into benefits for the customer. Remember, customers are more interested in how your product can improve their life rather than just knowing what the product is.

Step 3: Use Descriptive and Sensory Language

Writing product descriptions is much like storytelling. Use descriptive and sensory language to create a vivid mental picture of the product in the customer's mind. This style of writing has the power to persuade customers by appealing to their imagination.

Step 4: Keep it Simple and Scannable

Online shoppers often scan content rather than reading every word. To cater to this behavior, keep your descriptions concise and easy to skim. Break up long text with bullet points or subheadings. Avoid jargon and write in plain language that your customers will easily understand.

Step 5: Include Social Proof

Including social proof, such as customer reviews or ratings, in your product description can be a powerful persuasive tool. As previously mentioned, up to 88% of online shoppers include reviews in their purchase decisions.

Step 6: Optimize for Search Engines

Last but certainly not least, don't forget about SEO. Use relevant keywords in your product descriptions to improve your visibility on search engines. However, be careful not to overdo it. The keywords should fit naturally into the text and never compromise the quality of the content.

As you continue refining your skills in writing better product descriptions, keep in mind that your goal is not just to describe the product but to tell a story that compels the customer to click "Add to Cart".

Product Description Templates

Crafting the perfect product description can seem overwhelming, particularly if you're starting from scratch. To streamline the process, here are a few versatile product description templates that you can adapt to fit your unique products. These templates are structured to ensure that all the essential information is included while leaving room for creativity and storytelling.

Template 1: The Problem-Solver

[Product name] is a [product type] designed with [target audience] in mind. Made from [material/technology], it boasts [feature 1], [feature 2], and [feature 3], enabling you to [benefit 1] and [benefit 2]. No more [common problem], [Product name] is here to [how it solves the problem].

Template 2: The Feature-Focused

Introducing [Product name], a [product type] that stands out with its [distinctive feature]. Crafted with [material/technology], this product offers [feature 1], [feature 2], and [feature 3], ensuring you enjoy [benefit 1] and [benefit 2]. With [Product name], you'll experience the [unique selling point] like never before.

Template 3: The Lifestyle Enhancer

Enhance your [relevant lifestyle aspect] with [Product name]. Our [product type] is built with [material/technology] and includes [feature 1], [feature 2], and [feature 3]. Whether you're looking to [benefit 1] or [benefit 2], [Product name] is the ideal choice. Experience the difference with [Product name].

Template 4: The Emotional Storyteller

Experience the joy of [benefit 1] with our [Product name]. This [product type], featuring [feature 1], [feature 2], and [feature 3], isn't just a product, it's a solution to [problem]. Made with [material/technology], [Product name] promises [benefit 2] while fitting seamlessly into your life.

Each of these templates has its own strengths and can be modified to match your brand's voice and your product's unique features and benefits. Remember, the key is to highlight what sets your product apart, how it benefits the customer, and why they should choose it over others in the market.

Key Takeaways

Crafting compelling product descriptions is much more than merely listing out a product's features. It requires an understanding of your customer's needs and aspirations, weaving a story that resonates with them and clearly highlights how your product is the solution they've been seeking.

From spotlighting the product's benefits to addressing common customer pain points, every component of your product description should work towards convincing the customer that your product is a worthy investment.

If you find that your business requires more assistance in this area or any other aspect of digital marketing, remember that our team is here to help. We understand that every business is unique and offer custom, purpose-driven solutions tailored to your specific needs, budget, and goals. Our mission is to empower your business, helping it reach its fullest potential. Let's write the next chapter of your success story together.


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